Real estate services for businesses - OUR AIMS

SO.G.IM., as all the companies of the De Luigi RE Group is geared to the achievement of standards industry-leading quality, providing impeccable services in every pro fi and perfectly corresponding to the needs of customers, whether they are sellers, investors or buyers. De Luigi RE Group Companies reach these goals thanks to the full control over all project phases: from the purchase of real estate areas any studies, the realization buildings on the sale of units produced. The offer is completed in end services of financing to real estate transactions and activity communication in support of the sale. With this constant pursuit of total quality, and expertise in design and costruttico Group, the proposed buildings are not only functional to the specific needs customer, but contribute to the appreciation and redevelopment of the territorial heritage and estate.

To sell or rent a property is absolutely necessary to know the right way to propose maintaining strict confidentiality. SO.G.IM. thanks to a strong presence in the area can also ensure a remarkable capillarity of the advertisement using numerous requests collected in the database. SO.G.IM.also it guarantees owners a total assistance in all issues related to the sale of a property: assure technical support, continuous updates on sales and strict confidentiality.

SO.G.IM. innovates real estate products to offer a quality and professional service targeted to the needs of end users and investors, creating new business strategies and expanding customer service. We recognize that business development is closely related to the work environment and therefore we pay attention in the design of individual buildings, with the aim of combining aesthetics, functionality, technology and quality are the main guidelines of the company.

SO.G.IM.It is active in the construction industry with a focus on the industrial and services sectors. From design to construction of 'work guarantee effective security and reliability thanks to experienced professionals. We are constantly engaged in the continuous search for technical solutions applied to the maximum design flexibility, to meet all the building requirements as well as in 'optimization processes.

SO.G.IM.It was notable for the sale of industrial and tertiary numerous national and multinational companies. This was possible thanks to the professional preparation of our real estate agents as well as a database with more than 10,000 names of potential clients both buyers and sellers. The companies that come to us can find so clear and adequate answers to their problems: addressing displacement and / or extension of your corporate headquarters is our goal, offering targeted solutions for your specific needs.

Close to businesses for the entire real estate cycle. SO.G.IM supports companies also in the real estate development projects, where it becomes necessary to build a new home or larger to meet the expansion of operations in such cases SO.G.IM produces market analysis preparatory to the identification of the area, taking care of even after the acquisition as well as the formulation of the project until its construction: a comprehensive advice and flexible, according needs, from design to construction of new buildings.

The De Luigi RE, in collaboration with other companies of the group, the new service offers rental management, professionally managing your property, by signing the contract at the termination of the relationship between the parties. The service, conducted by a team of professionals, including: drafting of the lease, service recording and calculating registration fees; write the minutes of delivery property with attached certification systems, ACE, photographs and inventory of the furnishings inside the property; direct management and communication problems with the conductor; service before and after the signing of the lease, subject to prior written; monitoring monthly / quarterly of collection of fees and service charges by the property; reminder to the driver in the event of non-payment; six-monthly status and maintenance building; managing deadlines and renewals; Management at baggage property, checking the state of the premises, compile the minutes of release and survey damage.